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Oxford, Maryland
Maryland Crab Cakes Shipped and Delivered

Six crab cakes is the minimum order for crab cakes to be shipped FedEx from BestCrabCakes.com in Oxford, Maryland. Each crab cake weighs approximately a quarter pound and comes individually wrapped. Our crab cakes have never been frozen. The crab cakes are kept cold using high quality shipping methods, and packed to stay cold an extra day after it is scheduled to arrive. Crab cakes are sent FedEx overnight and will be left at the door if there is nobody home. Expect arrival anytime from late morning to 5:00pm. We do recommend you place your crab cakes from Maryland in the refrigerator as soon as possible.
Bake Fresh™ or Freeze Fresh™ soon after the crab cakes arrive. We recommend our crab cakes best if used by two days fresh and two weeks frozen.

To Bake Fresh™ upon arrival crab cakes need to be removed from the shipper and placed in a refrigerator still wrapped in their foil. Within two days the crab cakes should be baked and eaten. All that is required to cook the crab cakes is to preheat an oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, remove all wrapping from the crab cakes, place the crab cakes on a greased pan, and bake them on the center rack until lightly golden. Total cooking time is around twenty minutes. Some ovens may require broiling the last minute to achieve lightly golden.

If you wish to serve our crab cakes as appetizers you may divide them before baking. Then reform the half portions into smaller crab cakes. Total cooking time is reduced to about ten minutes.

To Freeze Fresh™ upon arrival crab cakes should be removed from the shipper and placed in the freezer bag still wrapped in their foil. Remove excess air from the freezer bag and seal it. Now freeze the crab cakes. BestCrabCakes.com recommends best if used by two weeks for frozen crab cakes. Thaw the crab cakes before baking. Then just follow the Bake Fresh™ cooking instructions.

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