Crab Cakes Rated Best - made with a secret Maryland Crab Cake Recipe

Oxford, Maryland - Best Crab Cakes
  "Best Crab Cakes" rated by James Michener, author of "Chesapeake" 
 Oxford, Maryland
Maryland crab cakes are world famous, but some crab cakes are clearly better than others. reputation for offering the best crab cakes is rooted in decades of tradition. From celebrity accolades to one of history's most renowned author's endorsements, recipe has brought smiles to tens of thousands of crab cake lovers over the years. secret crab cake recipe has been closely guarded by the Gibson Family for over forty years. Once proprietors of the historic Robert Morris Inn located in Oxford, the Gibsons hold exclusive rights to the Maryland crab cake recipe that James Michener and other crab cake connoisseurs rated the best. Michener said "The Maryland crabcake is one of the great dishes of the world. It's incomparable."
Maryland crab cakes have shipped all over the USA under the brand. 

Best Crab Cakes - Maryland Crab Cake Recipe
Actor Robert Duvall raved about our Maryland recipe crab cakes on
Martha Stewart's TV show.
Washington Times
“The pair were tasty and tender, certainly Mr. Michener was right…”
Philadelphia Inquirer
"A reputation for the best crabcakes around still seems well deserved."
Bon Appetit
"Succulent crab cakes are made with lump back-fin meat..."
Gourmet Magazine
"While researching his novel Chesapeake, James Michener allegedly ate plenty of crab cakes..."
“You can take James Michener's word for it: These are great crab cakes.”
Washington Post
“I savored every bite, especially the solid lump of crabmeat at the center, the sign of a premier crab cake.”
Chesapeake Bay Book
"Made from jumbo lump crabmeat, these creations are held together seemingly by sheer will."
Englewood Sun Herald
"I have never eaten anything more delicious than a Maryland crab cake... a group of us recently ordered a shipment of 18 cakes. We gorged and were so delighted we reordered." 
Conde Nast Traveler
"Author James A. Michener was a fan of the crab cakes..."
Captain's Winter Guide
"Now, I was a bit skeptical about the claim "Best Crab Cakes." I happen to be quite a crab cake connoisseur...I truly believe that those were the best crab cakes I have ever had. I even had an order shipped back home to my sister-in-law in Long Island and she is still raving about them."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"...we were to find the best of the best crabcakes Talbot County (and perhaps Maryland) has to offer."
Atlantic Journal-Constitution
"I had never tasted such pure delicate crab meat.
Boston Globe
"I took a bite, and my ship set sail. I savored their soft velvety texture, relished their rich creamy center, and started to unwind."
The Mariner
"It was 100% jumbo lump sweet crab that needed no seasoning...Having crabcaked it up and down the bay, I do vote these beauties are indeed THE BEST!"
Soundings: The Nation's Boating Newspaper
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